Terry K. Morgan Bio Information

Chaplain/Pastor/Professor Terry Morgan is an ordained minister with over 40 years of experience.  He spent 25 years as a law enforcement chaplain. He is an expert in Spiritual Formation. He is currently the Pastor of New Hope Church in Redding, CA, and the Senior Chaplain/Executive Director of Gold Country Chaplaincy and Press4hope.  He works full time as a hospice chaplain for Mercy Hospice – Dignity Health. He is also a professor at Shasta Bible College.  Morgan attained the Master Chaplain Level of the International Conference of Police Chaplains, and is a member of the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation.  He received his Board Certification in Emergency Crisis Response through the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.  Chaplain Morgan has extensive training, and is a certified trainer for QPR suicide prevention, and a provisional trainer for ASIST suicide intervention.  He is a member in good standing with the “Assn. of the United States Army” (AUSA).  Chaplain Morgan has sat on several boards representing the Faith based Community including the boards of the “Campaign for Community Wellness,” and “Advocates for the Mentally Ill Housing”.  He is the past President of the Board for the Gold Country Veteran Stand Down.  He is a Local Board Member for the Selective Service System Region III and a Board Member of the national Chaplain Formation Practicum” organization, “PoliceUSA”.

Chaplain Terry Morgan in Washington D.C.
Law Enforcement Memorial Week
Support Chaplain

Chaplain Terry Morgan in Washington D.C.

Law Enforcement Memorial Week, Support Chaplain

Chaplain Morgan was one of a handful of law enforcement chaplains chosen to work with Louisiana Mental Health and the New Orleans Police Dept. immediately following Hurricane Katrina.  He has also been one of only a few chaplains selected to work with surviving family members of officers killed in the line of duty during “National Police Week” in Washington D.C.

Chaplain Terry Morgan 
Temporary Police Department
New Orleans after Katrina
Chaplain Terry Morgan and another chaplain
Temporary Police Department
New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

Morgan is a Doctoral Candidate from Epic Bible College and Graduate School, in Sacramento, CA, where he also earned his Master of Divinity. He has taught Oral Communications as an adjunct professor at Simpson University.  He also teaches crisis counseling for chaplains. He is often called upon as an expert in dealing with traumatic stress, and stress management. He has been frequently published in Officer.com magazine on a variety of topics related to law enforcement, and has been featured in “PORAC” magazine and “Extant Magazine”.  He has written numerous articles for several local newspapers, including the Auburn Journal as a guest contributor.  He is the author of the books “The Chaplain’s Role, How Clergy Can Work With Law Enforcement”; “Life Celebrations a Guide for Funeral and Memorial Services”; “What to do When Grief Kidnaps Your Soul”; Resilience: The Principles and Theology Grit and Grace in Christian Leadership; and “Starting With God”.  His first book “The Chaplain’s Role”, is used by Liberty University as a textbook for their chaplain course “CHPL 598

Professor Terry Morgan teaching at
Shasta Bible College

Morgan teaches various ministries how to help their own parishioners through critical incidents, crisis, moral injury, and traumatic events, while exercising good stress management techniques and preventing compassion fatigue or burn out in their ministers.

Chaplain Morgan can be reached by email at Terry.morgan@spiritual-formation.com